Case 236. CMV retinitis in AIDS (45 y-o M)
    The retina of the autopsied eye ball of an AIDS patient suffering from blindness    
Key words : cytomegalovirus, retinitis, AIDS, Candida albicans
opportunistic infection
Ganglion cells show typical cytomegalic inclusion bodies in both the nuclei and cytoplasm (HE). The same patient as case 118.   Immunostaining for CMV antigen clearly discloses the distribution of infected cells.
The cytoplasmic granular inclusion bodies are PAS positive. Haloed nuclear inclusions are negative. See also case 219.   Candidal ophthalmitis seen in the same case
The lens is heavily infected by Candida albicans forming both blastospores and pseudohyphae. The lens shows features of severe cataracta (HE). Candidal ophthalmitis may also be encountered as a complication of nosocomial infection via the intravenous hyperalimentation catheter.