Case 235. Thelaziasis (18 y-o M)
    A 15 mm helminth found in the lacrimal pouch of a dog lover in Kyushu, who complaied of abnormal sensation of the right eye    
Key words : Thelazia callipaeda
The helminth contains numerous microfilaria within the uterus (HE). The final hosts of Thelazia callipaeda are dogs and cats. Most Japanese patients are seen in the southern part of Kyushu.   A mated pair of Thelazia callipaeda
The worms were obtained from the lacrimal pouch of a 2 y-o girl living in Oita. A larger 15 mm female vs. a smaller 10 mm male. The infestation is mediated by 3 mm-sized fly Amiota, a kind of Drosophila.