Case 151. Nematode larva in urine (9 y-o F)
Incidental finding of urine cytology (Papanicolaou)
Key words : Nematoda larva, cytology
A small nematode larva is incidentally found in the urine sediment. The contaminated larva is non-pathogenic. The possibility of disseminated strongyloidiasis should be excluded.   Reference case 151A
Nematode larva in sputum (53 y-o F). Incidental finding of sputum cytology (Papanicolaou). Only one namatode larva (0.3 mm in length) was identified in this asymptomatic Japanese lady. Repeated cytologic examination was negative. The mechanism of apearance is as follows: A fertile egg of the free-living non-pathogenic nematode in the soil was incidentally inhaled and then laid in the airway.