Case 147. Cryptococcal prostatitis (85 y-o M)
    Urine cytology and prostate biopsy from a lymphoma patient presenting signs and symptoms of cystitis    
Key words : Cryptococcus neoformans, prostatitis, systemic infection
Numerous yeast-form fungi are phagocytized by macrophages in urine cytology (Giemsa). They are positive with PAS and Grocott.   Prostatic biopsy reveals numerous capsule-forming small yeasts infected within the epithelial cells (HE).
Formation of alcianophilic capsules is evident in the intracellularly infected C. neoformans (alcian blue).   Bone marrow biopsy in the same case
Systemic dissemination of C. neoformans is evident by bone marrow involvement (HE). The microbes are seen in the cytoplasm of macrophages. Biopsy specimens of the liver and skin further confirmed disseminated cryptococcosis.