Case 115. Poliomyelitis (3 y-o M)
Autopsied spinal cord from a Kenyan child dying of improper respiration
Key words : poliovirus, poliomyelitis, enterovirus 71 encephalitis
The anterior horn of the spinal cord shows inflammatory edema and active neuronophagia (HE).   Higher power view of neuronophagia in the anterior horn, typical features of acute poliomyelitis (HE).
Reference case 115A
Remote (chronic) stage of poliomyelitis in a 18 y-o Japanese male (HE). In a chronic stage, the anterior horn of the spinal cord is replaced by gliosis.
  Reference case 115B
Acute encephalitis with hand-foot-mouth disease due to enterovirus 71 infection in a Malaysian child in 1997. In case of enterovirus 71 encephalitis, preferential involvement of the cerebellar dentate nucleus is characteristic. Distribution of the lesions is different from poliomyelitis. Perivascular mononuclear infiltration is shown here (HE).