Case 93. Adenovirus pneumonia (35 y-o F)
Fatal pneumonia of two-week clinical course in a previously healthy adult
Key words : adenovirus, necrotizong pneumonia
Massive congestion and focal necrosis are seen in the left lung (gross findings). Adenovirus, type 3, was proven from the lung tissue obtained at autopsy.   Necrotizing inflammation with marked fibrinohemorrhagic exudation is observed (HE, low power).
A small number of basophilic and smudgy nuclear inclusions are seen in the necrotic background (HE, high power).   Reference case 93A
Another case of fatal adenovirus pneumonia in an 11 day-old neonate (HE). Smudgy intranuclear inclusions are seen in pneumocytes. Hemorrhagic change is associated. Adenovirus, type 19, was proven.
Reference case 93A
Electron micrograph of the nucleus of an infected pneumocyte. Hexagonal viral particles measuring 70 nm are regularly arranged in the nucleus. Some particles are electron lucent and devoid of virion (viral core).