Case 59.  Schistosomiasis japonica of liver (75 y-o M)
    Autopsy findings of the liver with hepatocellular carcinoma in a resident of Numazu, the southern part of Mt. Fuji    
Key words : 
Schistosoma japonicum, hepatocellular carcinoma, Schistosoma mansoni    
The cirrhotic liver contains numerous calcified ova in the fibrotic septa (HE). The ova are also densely seen in the bowel wall. Since 1976, no new case of schistomiasis has been seen in Japan.   Large-sized ova are seen, adjacent to the necrotic cancer tissue (HE). The incidence of hepatocellular carcinoma reportedly increases with schistosomiasis japonica.
Reference case 59A
Liver biopsy from a 25 y-o Laotian showing a granulomatous reaction against the ovum (HE). The patient is also a carrier of Clonorchis sinensis and hepatitis B virus. Schistomiasis japonica is now seriously endemic in China and the southeastern Asia.
  Reference case 59B
Schistosomiasis mansoni in an experimentally infected rabbit (HE). The number of ova in the inflamed portal triad is much less than schistosomiasis japonica.