Case 43.  Herpes simplex virus infection of neonate (neonate M)
Autopsy findings of massive liver necrosis
Key words :  herpes simplex virus, neonatal infection, massive liver necrosis
opportunistic infection
Lethal HSV infection provokes massive and zonal hepatocellular necrosis (HE, low power).   Necrotic hepatocytes contain groundglass (smudgy) nuclei (HE, high power).
The groundglass nuclei of the necrotic hepatocytes are immunoreactive for HSV, type 2 antigen (immunostaining).   Reference case 43A
Systemic HSV infection in premature infant (gross findings of a 2 week-old female). Transvaginal HSV infection provokes vesicular skin rash mainly in the head and neck region of the baby. Visceral involvement is highly likely.