Case 37. 
Sperm bag of squid inserted into the oral mucosa (55 y-o M)
    Surgically excised immotile white substance deeply stuck in the buccal mucosa after eating packaged raw squid for dinner    
Key words : squid sperm bag, oral insertion
An encapsulated bag is stuck into the oral squamous mucosa (HE, low power).   Numerous sperms are seen inside the encapsulated bag (HE, high power).
Sexual positions of the squid
Females override males (top: spear squid, bottom: Japanese common squid). Two of the ten legs of the male squid are for the sexual activity.
  Schematic representation of the squid sperm bag
The sperm bag contains clustered actin filaments as a shooting mechanism. The sexual intercourse of the squid is painful!
Sperm bad stuck into the body wall of a sexually mature female squid
White-colored sperms are filled inside the 2 cm-long sperm bag (gross findings). In this case, it is plausible that an unshot sperm bag was admixed in the package of squid Sashimi.